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Being able to create a report with different page sizes


At the worksheet parameters you can choose to use local page format, but you can only select the orientation (portrait or landscape). I Propose to add page size property when you select to use local page format, being able to indicate Height, Width or ratio.


different page size.png

By default, the datafinder is launched when Windows starts. This can be easily removed by msconfig.


When we run DIAdem, the datafinder pops up in the task bar, which is totally normal as DIAdem uses it for a number of tasks. But when it comes to closing DIAdem, the DataFinder still lives in the task bar. When I look at how much RAM it takes, I'm pretty much surprised about the 30MB used.


What about an general option where we could choose to close the DataFinder when DIAdem exits ?

On a more global note, what about adding a "Close" method to the datafinder object (no it does not exist, contrary to Connect and Open...) ?


Regards ;-)

Just a very tiny feature I would wish would be a scalable window for help topics. Browsing through a large number of found topics for one keyword is not really ergonomic.



Create SQL interface for the datafinder.