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To be able to create a REPORT with different page (sheet) sizes

Being able to create a report with different page sizes


At the worksheet parameters you can choose to use local page format, but you can only select the orientation (portrait or landscape). I Propose to add page size property when you select to use local page format, being able to indicate Height, Width or ratio.


different page size.png

Trusted Enthusiast

Hi mdelsol,


Do you really want to change the page size from REPORT sheet to REPORT sheet?  Typically people want either A4 of 8.5x11 for ALL the sheets in a given REPORT.  There is a separate dialog ("REPORT>>Settings>>Layout Setup>>Parameters") for the whole TDR file that enables you to choose a page size.  If you do want to change the page size from sheet to sheet, could you please describe the scenario under which this would be desirable?



Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

Hi Brad,
Your assumption is probably correct if you want to perform the complete report using only DIAdem, but isn't our case, we use Word and Excel templates for different reasons. We have specific TDR templates to plot the results of the different analysis performed and to create an EMF image of each sheet then the image is inserted in the report. In this case the image size is related to the page size, then for us would be very convenient to be able to have different sheet sizes. All of this process is automatized using DIAdem.
Best regards,


And as to my experience, EMF and WMF never fare very well in rescaling. typcally, font sizes are a big jumble. So making the size fit in the source yould be helpful.


Status changed to: Declined

Dear mdelsol, sorry for declining this suggestion because of following reasons:

(1) On the monitor, you wouldn't have an advantage because of sheet-autoscaling to a maximum display size

(2) It could only be relevant on printers: Here you couldn't choose different paper sizes for an automized print job. You have to handle different print jobs, so hopefully you could also use different REPORT layouts for different sizes.


When you create a report most of the times is to print it and if you let the user to choose the page orientation for a specific page (special page) doesn't make sense to limit it to the same page size.

To save DIAdem graphs as images you have to create them in the report and the sizes are related to the page size...

Unfortunately declining this idea you are limiting the user possibilities and doing DIAdem less user friendly.

Anyway thanks for considering and answering the idea.