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I know this would be a major change. At least VBS is not proprietary like some other software that has a script interface, and at least VBS supports OOP.


But VBS is from the 90's, the documentation is from the 90's and early 2000's at best, with associated lack of support. The full potential of diadem is really limited by this. If I could use Python, a much better supported, easier to use language, I would be extremely grateful. All my data processing tools are written in Python. I'm just trying to automate test reports, get channel names to identify the data the user put in the Data Portal etc. I am willing to put in time to interface with APIs or DLLs if someone can point me in the right direction in the interim. 


To be brutally honest, it is almost laughable that with diadem 2017, it has a flashy UX/UI, yet uses this archaic language for automation, where most time is saved. A system is ony as good as its weakest link.


I want to propose a check button in settings which would say something like "Automatic CodeCompletion". If you check that, you will see the hint from CodeCompletion anytime you write code not only when you write and hit ctrl + spacebar.


I'd like to have a 64-bit version of DIAdem primarily so the program can utilize more than 2GB of RAM.


I'd expect that this would improve performance and stability for those using a 64-bit OS (eg win 7 64 bit) and working with large data sets.



  • Performance


The data reduction on loading could be extended to facilitate partial loading of large data sets:

Currently, it shows 'intervall width' or 'interval number' and 'reduction method (1st value, avg. min, max)'.


I'd love to have an option to define start value and data count, too. Similar to the FFT-timing dialog, where 'start/number/width' can be defined. Today, I always load the full data set, display in view, mark the relevant area and crop via 'mark data' and delete. Works ok, but when I know that I will need maybe the first 5 secs of a 10 minue measurement for one evaluation, it could be done easier, if I only load what I need.


Thank you.


Title says it all.  I don't like waiting while files load.  Can this process be threaded?

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I'm been developing with Diadem for a year in a large company. We develop applications for our client trying to solve their issues and improving the data analysis and productivity. 

Now, we have 4 applications already released and one more is incoming and every time a new update comes, and especially when a big new version is, we find the same problem... Why Diadem doesn't have any standalone-like option?


In order to be able to run our app, our clients have to buy a Diadem license, at least the smallest one, and of course, our license. If we could make a runnable standalone application, installing previously some kind of runtime for Diadem, we will be able to make more attractive our application for our clients...


In addition, LABview have this option, you can make a Vi project and export it as standalone, library or exe application, making it independent to any license. (You have to install the runtime before to run the app). 


I will appreciate some answer,

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Vollständige Kompatibilität für 64 Bit Systeme. Das Datentypen Longlong auch von DIAdem eingelesen werden können.



  • Performance
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Not having the DataFinder index anything except NI's folders by default on install would be extremely convenient.  Optionally, this could also be a setting chosen on install.


Each of our users who installs the application immediately has every MS Excel file from their 'My Documents' folder indexed, which wouldn't really hurt anything except that most of these MS Excel files aren't true 'data' files.  In my experience, most Excel files rarely store anything as simple as what could be stored in text-tab delimited format, so aren't easily or usefully indexed, so seems to confuse the DataFinder as it is unable to close them automatically once opened.


The results is dozens to hundreds of Excel.exe processes running in the background, until the machine runs out of memory or files, so we have had to make a point to disable all datafinder indexing on each and every install.  We've scripted this process into our standard configuration, but if the user doesn't contact us right away, they suffer greatly from performance issues and blame DIAdem (rightly so).


I suspect that anyone who wants to use the DataFinder would want to do some manual configuration to specific folders, dataplugins, times of day to index, etc. which would make requiring setup perfectly acceptable to users who want to use it (and not waste resources for those that don't).



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Very frustrating working on other documents while diadem is processing a script in the background to paste what you thought was text you had copied actually be an entire channel worth of data.

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I have talked to Brad, Otmar, and (most recently) Darrin about this, so here is an explanation if you guys are reading...


I use DIAdem for data browsing and analysis, but I also use another program (which shall remain nameless) from another company (which shall remain nameless).  This program sets stuff up a little differently, and by doing so has a huge time-saving advantage.  An individual test run (or a collection of runs) is stored in a folder.  Inside each folder is one file per recorded channel.  So, if I wanted to look at some data, I would select the channels I want, and then graph them.  I can, of course create multiple graphs, channel tables, etc.  So this is similar to the VIEW pane in DIAdem, and there is no evident advantage with one program over the other at this point.


Now, let's say I wanted to view those same graphs and channel tables based on a different set of data.  In DIAdem I would have to delete the data from the DATA PORTAL and then load in the new data which would then update the items in the VIEW pane.  In this other program, though, all I have to do is select the folder where the other data channels are stored by either clicking on it or cursoring to it and all graphs, tables, etc. are automatically updated.  This is a tremendous time-saver, and makes it easy to browse through different data sets to find what I am looking for. 


Implementing something like this in DIAdem would be really helpful.  I love DIAdem, but it is frustrating that it doesn't do what this other program does.  I suspect there are not too many people out there that use this other program and DIAdem.  If there are, I hope that they will weigh in on this issue by adding a comment to this post.  Even if you don't use both, think about how much time you could save if DIAdem operated like the other program.