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We are pleased to announce that the last version of our free toolkit ViBox - XControls is now available through VIPM.


We are also really proud to have this product part of the gold level products of the LabVIEW Tool Networks.

We want to thank you, all users of the toolkit, and we hope it help you to achieve your LabVIEW project. We still love hearing feedback from you to improve the future release. If you want to share example on how you use our toolkit, feel free to use the discussions tab to show us snapshots of your application.


As you can see on the picture below, SAPHIR toolkits are now available to purchase directly from


We hope that will give you an easier and faster way to use our product.


We are pleased to announce you that our free ViBox - XControls is now part of the LabVIEW Tools Network. This product as reached the first level of Compatible with LabVIEW certification that guarantee you a well-integrated with LabVIEW product.

You can now download our product through VIPM and use it in any LabVIEW application you want.

If you have any problem using this product, you could find support here. Also, feel free to share any good experience you could have and discuss about how to improve this toolkit at the same location.


We have recently come across a bug in our custom probes toolkit. This bug could, in really specific case, crash LabVIEW.

We fixed this issue and encourage all users to upgrade the toolkit as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

We've also added probes to visualize Boolean array in a re-sizable way and adressed another minor bug.

Note : We expect that the package would be available soon through VI Package Manager. For those who don't want to wait, download and install the package in attachment.

[UPDATE] New version is now available on the LabVIEW Tools Network  and VI Package Manager [UPDATE]



If your are following this blog, you know that at SAPHIR, in addition to our main activity of developing specific applications for our customers, we develop some useful toolkits. You also have to know that we have design a great app to adress one of the major problem of engineers : find information in data provided by applications they use.

More than a large explanation in this group dedicated to our toolkits I encourage you to glance at our second group on the community to learn more on this application named Topaze -->

As a side note, developpement done for Topaze will soon allow us to give you a free toolkit of XControls. We hope that, Topaze and this toolkit, will be useful for you.


During NIWeek 2011, we've been proud to have our free custom probes toolkit mentioned in Omar Mussa (Sr Engineer from JKI) technical session titled

5 Clever Debugging Techniques for Every NI LabVIEW Developer. Few months later Omar Mussa and Justin Goeres have wrote and article based on this presentation on the NI Developer Zone and finaly this article has been published in the 1Q2012 of th Instrumentation Newsletter.

We want to thank you them for all their work toward the developer community and also to promote our toolkit. We hope that it could help every LabVIEW developer daily.

Note that we listen every feature and improvment requests concerning our Custom probe toolkit from user here.

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