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Hey everyone,

We are happy and proud to announce that we just released our new toolkit git4G:

git4G V1.0

(Requirements: LabVIEW 2010+, VIPM 2014+)

git4G is an easy to use toolkit for NI LabVIEW that integrates Git - the well-known and free Source Control Management System -- into the development environment of LabVIEW.

It provides all important source control managing functions and furthermore supports many popular Git hosting services like GitHub and GitLab. Since Git is a distributed revision control system a server is not mandatory. All source control managing functions can be used without a server.

The Git functions can be called directly from the LabVIEW Project Explorer. The current status of the files and the repository are indicated by icons inside the project window.

Looking forward to your feedback



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Hi Everybody

I was wondering if anybody ever tried to communicate to Logo!8 via the SP7 Toolkit?

Is there a chance this could work?




Hey everyone,

We are happy and proud to announce that we just released our new toolkit versions:

XLR8 V2.3


SP7 V1.6

(Requirements: LabVIEW 2010+, VIPM 2014+)

Based onyour feedback we have improved our products XLR8 V 2.3 and SP7 V1.6 seriously in order to solve some issues. We were able to enhance the overall performance and compatibility of the products. Especially SP7 is now able to communicate with S7 1200 plc´s which was an urgent need of many customers.

Changelog SP7 V1.6

- Additional support of S7 1200 plc

-  Empty Input Array fixed

- Connected Boolean fixed (#795)

- Optimized error handling (#1231)

- Extended documentation

- Maximum offsets and values are not limited by SP7 anymore (#820)

- Reliability of connection indicator in open connection (#795)

- More datatypes in DB functionality "S5Time, Date, Date and Time" (#763)

- Extended documentation

- Performance improvements

Changelog XLR8 V2.3

- New polymorphic function "Color Area"

- New function "Get Cellstyle"

- "write to named range" automatically selects the corresponding sheet (#928)

- "close Workbook" outputs the original file path (#1196)

- "close Workbook" input "save file" is recommended not required (#1196)

- "format Area" policy bug fixed (#1176)

- "wrap Text" style bug fixed (#1173)

- "hyperlink" bug in .xlsx fixed (#804)

- "get named ranges" outputs the corresponding sheet with the correct rows and columns (#984)

- "delete sheet" removes corresponding named ranges (#798)

- "read Area" reading below last row bug (#802)

- Performance improvements in style handling

- Improved memory handling

Please continue to give us feedback and feel free to rate XLR8 or SP7 on Use this community to share your wishes, goals and ideas for our tools as we continue to make it even more compatible and more powerful. Your feedback is very important to us!

All the best



Hey everyone,

we are happy and proud to announce that we just released our toolkit XLR8 V

(requirements: LabVIEW 2010+, VIPM 2014+)

We have been working hard to further improve the product and took your feedback seriously in order to solve some  issues. We were able to enhance the overall performance and compatibility of the product.

Among the many improvements are:

- Optimized multiple save operations (#750)

- "Read Area (All Types)" double as date interpretation solved (#423, #556)

- "Read Area (All Types)", formula results are now user-selectable (#738, #739)

- "Wipe Sheet" functionality improved (#731)

- multiple sheets selected issue solved (#722, #700)

- "Get Named Ranges" returns the correct row and column value (#736)

- Charts are no longer modified by XLR8 (#711, #627)

- correct display of formula results (#710)

- writes blank cells for NaN or Inf values in "Write Area" (#326)

- no longer underlines text when changing the font of a cell (#427)

- enhanced and clarified documentation of various VIs (e.g. column width)

Please continue to give us feedback and feel free to rate XLR8 on!

Use these forums to share your wishes, goals and ideas for XLR8 as we continue to make it even more compatible and a powerful replacement for ActiveX control of Microsoft Excel.

All the best



Hey everyone,

the holiday season is in full swing. As our main event for this year's SPS/IPC/Drives booth, we released our new tool "SP7".

It is a toolkit to enable LabVIEW users to easily share and exchange data with Siemens Simatic S7-200/300/400 PLCs. It requires an Ethernet connection to the PLC and allows read and write operations on M, DB, AI, DI, DO code modules. The PLC code does not have to be modified!

Learn more about SP7 on our homepage

Try it out as a free 30-day trial version from (requires VI Package Manager 2014):

Wish you all happy holidays and a great start into 2015!



Hey everyone,

I am happy to announce that our quick demo of XLR8 is now online on YouTube.

Check out how to exchange data between LabVIEW and Microsoft Excel® using XLR8 by DATA AHEAD.




NI just launched a new webcast series on how to build an embedded control system. At DATA AHEAD, an experienced integration partner, we have been offering embedded solutions to our customers for more than ten years. We are happy to be part of the webcast series - introducing the very basic concept of PID control.

Learn more about the products services we offer at Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.




I am excited to announce that our tool XLR8 won the "DAQ Product of the Year" award in the LabVIEW Tools Network!

At the same time, we are happy to announce the release of V 2.0 of XLR8.

Key new features are:

- support of all common Microsoft Excel® File formats: xls, xlsx

- support of named ranges/cells

- additional editing and formatting functionality: delete cells/rows, insert images, merge cells and much more!

It's available for download from the LabVIEW Tools Network.

Please note that the VI Package Manager V2014 is required to install the XLR8 2.0 package.

If you are attending NI Week this year, make sure to meet us at the LabVIEW Tools Network pavilion in the exhibition.

Cheers from Austin



Hey everyone,

we're very happy to announce that both the German soccer team (scnr) and our MS Excel reporting tool, XLR8, advanced to the final!

Thanks for all your downloads, your valuable feedback and interest in XLR8. We also finished XLR8 2.0 and it should go live around NI Week.

If you attend NI Week this year, make sure to swing by the LabVIEW tools network pavillion and see some new, exciting features of XLR8 and our cloud storage solution daqloud.

See you soon!



Hey everyone,

we are happy to confirm our participation at NI Week 2014. We will have a kiosk at the LabVIEW Tools Network Booth, presenting both our daqloud cloud storage solution, as well as the XLR8 toolkit.

Speaking of XLR8: Due to unexpected minor issues, development of version 2.0 is slightly delayed. We are still determined to present a final version at  NI Week 2014!

Looking forward to some hot summer days in Austin, TX!



Hello everyone,

If you want to participate in the XLR8 2.0 beta test please shoot me an email @ xlr8 AT

XLR8 2.0 will be released in August 2014 and will sport the following features:

  • Full support of both the current Microsoft Excel Files (*.xlsx, Excel 2007-2013) as well as the older *.xls format
  • "Named Ranges" that greatly simplify the use of templates
  • API is fully backwards compatible. Use both Microsoft Excel file formats, easily.
  • Free upgrade for registered users.

For any questions, feel free to post in the forums.


Find us on linkedin @


Hey everyone,

DATA AHEAD wants to wish you a happy and healthy new year!

Now, to get an exciting and successful 2014 started, we just released XLR8 1.1 for everyone to download.

Features include:

- improved error handling, returning more specific errors

- increased speed of area read and write functions

- added "Insert Row" functionality

- improved icons for formatting functions

- minor bug fixes

- adapted NPOI library for speed improvements

Feel free to download from the LabVIEW Tools Network and give it a try!

Also, please let us and other users know what you like (or dislike) about XLR8 - Feel free to review XLR8 on our NI site -




Hi everyone,

I just posted an early version of the MQTT LabVIEW library. It's a starting point for anyone looking into distributed monitoring and M2M applications in general. It is a light-weight protocol and has been used extensively at IBM and Facebook.

Feel free to try it out, improve the VIs, fix some bugs and let us know what you think.



Hello everyone,

just a quick note: Our web site has been overhauled and is fully available in English (go to

Learn about our various fields of expertise from Distributed Monitoring to Embedded Design. Find information on our toolkits and other products.

Feedback is always welcome!


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Hey everyone,

DATA AHEAD is a Silver level Alliance Partner with the Electronic Design Specialty, based out of Nürnberg, Germany. Find our website at

We recently started to release tools to the LabVIEW tools network. In order to enable an exchange with NI customers, and to have a space to support the tools, we created this group.

Please feel free to try our tools and give us feedback. So far, we released the daqloud API - find it here on

What is daqloud?

It is an cloud-based, intelligent historical database for storing distributed monitoring data. It is a scalable, robust platform to add online storage to any monitoring / M2M application.

What's in the pipeline?

  • We will soon release "XLR8" - a toolkit to allow binary access to Microsoft Excel® files without using ActiveX and without requiring a Microsoft Excel® license
  • We are also working on a LabVIEW implementation of the "MQTT" protocol. This is a smart, "soon-to-be standard" for the IoT (Internet of Things) and allows for flexible communication possibilities in the M2M / monitoring realm
  • Also, we are developing a driver to interface Siemens PLCs directly from LabVIEW

Stay tuned for more information - and feel free to leave us a message!