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User Group Meetings

User groups meet regularly to discuss various NI system integration techniques, programming approaches, technologies, application design patterns, and much more. Use this opportunity to network with other programmers in the WPAFB community to find out how they solve their challenges using open platform tools. 

Upcoming Meetings(see forum Topic Posts for registration links or past meeting materials)

In person meetings have historically been held at Tec^Edge. Future meetings to be held over Microsoft Teams or as a hybrid with in person meetings at Tec^Edge being streamed over Teams.

Date Time Location


Certification Exam Proctoring

Exams are proctored individually online or as a group in person if enough demand exists.

(email certification@ni.com and CC danielle.mysliwiec@ni.com for 50% promotional discount)

Date Time Location

Customer Education Training

NI customer education provides the tools and resources to help take your skills to the next level. Reduce development time and costs through faster learning and increased productivity with NI products.

To view courses and register online, click here or call (866) 337-5918.

Check out our NI Virtual Training option that combines interactive learning technology over the Internet with live instruction.


Have a question or a problem specific to WPAFB or its locale? Post a new forum topic to start the discussion! While many of our members are active in the community, general questions will still most likely be answered faster in the public forum than here.