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The 3D Chart control needs to be updated to the .Net platform.  In addition it would be nice to have the waterfall functionality included in Labview.

If you generate multiple plots on a ScatterGraph in WindowsForms using the designer, they are automatically colored.  One of the colors is repeated.  


The list is as follows: 


1 . Lime
2 . Red
3 . Blue
4 . Cyan
5 . Yellow
6 . Fuchsia
7 . Gray
8 . DarkBlue
9 . Green
10 . Violet
11 . DarkGoldenrod
12 . DarkCyan
13 . DarkMagenta
14 . DarkOrange
15 . DeepPink
16 . DarkViolet
17 . DodgerBlue
18 . Chocolate
19 . MediumAquamarine
20 . SkyBlue
21 . IndianRed
22 . Plum
23 . Silver
24 . Gold
25 . Salmon
26 . Maroon
27 . YellowGreen
28 . IndianRed
29 . Tomato
30 . SteelBlue
31 . Bisque
32 . DarkKhaki


This selection has a length of 32 different colors before it begins repeating. It does a fairly good job of choosing colors which can be individually distinguished, except for our two techs who are colorblind...but that's another story, and I don't think there's a way to display 32 plots on one graph in a way that won't at least confuse even non-colorblind people.


However, on closer inspection, you'll note than plot 21 and plot 28 are both IndianRed.  These should be separate colors.  Perhaps 28 could be DimGray or LightGray?  There aren't many other options.


Here is an image for comparing the colors: 


Automatic Plot Color Comparison


Each line should be distinguishable. These are not: 


IndianRed repeated


And here is the code I used to generate it: 


int total_colors = 32;
for (int i = 0; i <= total_colors - 1; i++) {
	scatterGraph1.Plots.Add(new NationalInstruments.UI.ScatterPlot { LineWidth = 6 });
        new double[]
		    5 + i * 2,
		    5 + total_colors + i * 2,
		    10 + 3 * total_colors
        new double[]
		    total_colors - i,
		    total_colors - i,


Microsoft has clearly shown WinUI is the future UI platform (compared to WinForms and WPF) and it would be nice to see NI support WinUI with out-of-box controls.  This is probably a bigger issue and topic as I believe it requires .NET (Core) 5.0 which will be released 11/2020 and not currently supported by NI.


Hello, I would like to have the NI-CAN, NI-XNETsupport integrated into the next version of NI Measurement Studio.

Why this kind of devices only have an old style C Library? Could be more useful to have classes on C++ and .NET


Best regards

Roberto Guerzoni

The title says it all.

We are limping along on the ancient components works 3D graph that does suface plots. Any plans to move it out of the 90s?

In order to help debug and present measured data, it would be nice to have a plot tool that can display smitch chart plots. It could take in the data as an array or DataTable of imaginary numbers. Added bonus would be to provide methods to convert Impedance to Admittance and to also provide color scale based on a 3rd parameter (for example to plot impedance and gain in the same plot).

Log charts such as the ones pictured in the screenshot I attached are common in the oil industry. Many oils companies use NI equipment and write LabView and Measurement studio based software. The collected data is often plotted in log charts. It would be nice if NI would consider offering a vertical graph control in both Measurement Studio and the LabView products.

Distributing applications via ClickOnce is a fast and easy way to deploy applications to clients all over.  However, a "bootstrapper" ( is needed to install the required MStudio files into the GAC.  Please provide a working example for VisualStudio 2012/2013 of a bootstrapper that does this, so we can just deploy the application and updates via ClickOnce.

I would like to see the following methods from LabWindows/CVI and Labview added to the Measurement Studio TDMS. The "Create Linear Scaling Info" would be the most useful to me when converting from other data formats to TDMS. I really like being able to keep unscaled data with the scale factors and having the data automatically scaled when reading with TDMS libraries/dlls.


Methods from LabWindows/CVI API

Advanced Data Scaling  
Create Linear Scaling Info TDMS_CreateLinearScalingInfo
Create Polynomial Scaling Info TDMS_CreatePolynomialScalingInfo
Create Thermocouple Scaling Info TDMS_CreateThermocoupleScalingInfo
Create RTD Scaling Info TDMS_CreateRTDScalingInfo
Create Table Scaling Info TDMS_CreateTableScalingInfo
Create Strain Scaling Info TDMS_CreateStrainGageScalingInfo
Create Thermistor Scaling Info TDMS_CreateThermistorScalingInfo
Create Reciprocal Scaling Info TDMS_CreateReciprocalScalingInfo

Hello, I would like to have the NI Network Streams support integrated into the next version of NI Measurement Studio.


Best regards


I have a project file using .Net 4 (VS2010, properly update) which I opened in VS2013, upon opening with no warning all NI license.licx lines were removed with no warning whatsover.


This should never happen, if something is going to be changed the user should be informed what is happening, especially if it's going to break a build.

Hello, I would like to have the NI PID support integrated into the next version of NI Measurement Studio.


Best regards

Roberto Guerzoni

Hi, NI team.
I was adviced to share my idea here ( actually it was something I needed, not idea 🙂 ).
I have Waveform graph control in my application. There are two axes: vertical and horizontal. The plots I show on the graph have different units by vertical axis, so I decided to show those units as a caption of vertical axis. However I wasn't able to give this caption appropriate view and was forced to use label control. The problem with the caption of vertical axis is that it is oriented vertically and you can only change text direction between top-to-down and down-to-top. What I was looking for is a normal orientation from-left-to-right.


May be someone else will use this feature in future 🙂

So, if you create a scattergraph, and your data is hovering at the edge for where it will autoscale up, the graph will autoscale up and down quite quickly.  It would be nice if you could control how quickly it scales down, so that you would have a stable graph.  Or perhaps just modify that control so it wouldn't autoscale down unless 3 seconds pass.

We need an equivalent to the AnalogMultiChannelReader.MemoryOptimizedReadWaveform, but for the digital channel readers (e.g. "DigitalSingleChannelReader.MemoryOptimizedReadMultiSamplePortByte"), in the .NET API for NI-DAQ.


Best regards,



To be relevant for future development, Measurement Studio needs to follow Windows / Visual studio at a much higher pace.

Support for Windows 10 UWP applications - Visual Studio 2017

With respect to Ubuntu's popularity and RaspberryPi's accessbility, are there any plans to support either of these two platforms?

When the installer builder is called from the system shell (cmd.exe) using a command like the following:

InstallerBuilder "D:\NI Installer Builder\INSTALLERPROJECT.iip" -Build -Log "D:\NI Installer Builder\niib.log"

It spawns a background process and the application returns with a successful run BEFORE the installer is created. As the build is started in a background and a detached process; any build automation frameworks such as bamboo, jenkins, chef, etc. cannot monitor it's creation. This results in a failed operation a breaks continuous integration systems. 

As a work around I have built a light python solution that monitors for a que event; in this case a
file either being populated or updated. I am using this application to monitor the log file as a que.
The python file should be attached to this submission.

1. InstallerBuilder is ran – begins running building process in the background
and returns successful process run before installer is constructed.

2. is ran (max timeout and file set):
python 300 “D:\NI_installerbuilder\niib.log”
NOTE: Probably could set it to your setup file as well

3. returns when timeout is exceeded or que file is
created or updated.

If the NI installer builder is to be able to be dropped into any automation
frameworks this has to be fixed on NI’s end. If this bug/support is scheduled
for development I’d be interested to know as it will/should break our

I would like to have a possibility to read data from Network Variables by using Windows 8 Metro applications running in Tablets and Windows phones. It would be very good, if I can implement the applications by using the next Measurement Studio release. Thanks in advance. Smiley Happy