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I love the new buttons on the data portal in DIAdem 2017 (delete, save, save as) but I'd like an "open" button too!

  • Data Portal

I have a project where we have a fixed TDMS "schema" (layout and properties) which are used by a data server to import the files.

I have found that opening and saving the files in DIAdem causes any spaces to be replaced with underscores. From the perspective of my data server the file is now corrupt.


I would like DIAdem to support these spaces as they are clearly supported by the TDMS specification.

  • Data Portal

Hi all,

sometimes it can be an advantage for data manipulation to have the possibility to access to an index channel (a channel just containing the values from 1 to n) generated out of channel with length n.

Such a channel would be helpful when using event search function which have to be performed on a certain number of values o in a certain block of data in a channel.

This function could be integrated in the current function "Generate Numeric Channel".

Best regards




Rather than a channel that has a "fixed" value (numeric or string), this new "calculation channel" type would be a function of other channels.  Currently, if Channel3 = Channel1 + Channel2, and then I change the values for either Channel1 or Channel2, I have to re-execute the calculation


ChnCalculate("Ch(""Channel3"") = Ch(""Channel1"") + Ch(""Channel2"")")


Now, if there was a "calculation channel" where I could define Channel 3 as "Channel1 + Channel2", I wouldn't need to perform this re-execution! 


Another way to explain is to have a channel that works like Excel calculation cells.  The cell calculation stays the same, and when the input cells change, the result cell is automatically updated. 


I'm not sure if I explained this well, please ask for clarification if necessary. 



I noticed channels can be dragged and drop everywhere but in the calculator. Ths channel list is quite OK when havin a few channel in the Data portal but becomes fast ´a waste of time on bigger projects. Allowing to drag channel in ot would make it faster to use and also a bit more user friendly.



In the Data Portal of DIAdem all default properties are ordered as they are specified in the documentation. But when adding new custom properties to the root or anywhere else, these properties are ordered alphabetical. It would be great if there would be a possibility to let the custom properties appear as they are added to the list.





I've noticed that the easiest way to relate a channel calculation back to the original channel is to append to the channel name:








Filtering for *engspeed, or *engspeed_rpm will return all of the above channels, but in my experience I rarely want to see all the additional channels...With enough channels, it can effectively obscure the channel you're looking for!


The simplest way I can think of to obscure these with the current functionality would be to have a stop character ("\"?) to prevent the filter from grabbing anything beyond that point:

*EngSpeed_rpm\ would return anything ending in *EngSpeed_rpm


Another way would be to get rid of the assumed * at the end of the filter, forcing people to put one on themselves when necessary (but that would be changing the current functionality and would likely confuse users at first):

*Engspeed_rpm would return anything ending in *EngSpeed_rpm

*EngSpeed_rpm* would return everything with EngSpeed_rpm inside it


This would also be nice for looking for channels that end in something, like anything ending in *nm\ rather than anything with nm in the name...

Simplify how to create a DataPlugin. I should be able to define a binary layout like a telemetry stream and directly assign channels.


For example, A new GUI would be created. I define the telemetry stream which has three floating point numbers then an integer, repeat. Assign channel names Volts, Amps, Power Out, and Setting. Perhaps set the built-in properties. Press a button the plug in is automatically created.

I would like this for custom pinning functions specific to our needs (like pin all channels of same name) and for the calculation manager (if a calculation's equation is defined as a channel property, re-calculate it or bring up the calculation manager, etc.)

  • Data Portal


The data reduction on loading could be extended to facilitate partial loading of large data sets:

Currently, it shows 'intervall width' or 'interval number' and 'reduction method (1st value, avg. min, max)'.


I'd love to have an option to define start value and data count, too. Similar to the FFT-timing dialog, where 'start/number/width' can be defined. Today, I always load the full data set, display in view, mark the relevant area and crop via 'mark data' and delete. Works ok, but when I know that I will need maybe the first 5 secs of a 10 minue measurement for one evaluation, it could be done easier, if I only load what I need.


Thank you.


Title says it all.  I don't like waiting while files load.  Can this process be threaded?

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Hi all,

DIAdem could feature a new interactive function to be used to split one channel (let's say 1000 values long) in N channels (N=10) with the same length (100 values).

It is a very simple function but today with requires scripting in DIAdem using the Data API.

When managing time-related data it often happens to have the need to observe/analyze the data in constant time intervals.

Such an interactive function would provide an easier entry point in this kind of tasks. 


  • Data Portal
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I would like to request Ctrl+F "Find" capability for the List View in the Data Portal.


Unlike the Structure View's channel/group filter, this would be capable of searching any of the currently visible properties (Name, Description, Unit, custom items, etc.).


Should contain all standard "Find" search capabilities:

  • Search highlighted column(s) or all columns ("Find in Selection" checkbox)
  • Found items would select the found cell inside the row (this would allow multiple entries to be found for a single channel if multiple properties contain the desired text).  "Select All" would select entire channels.
  • Individual "Found" items would become visible (if outside of the existing display window), this wouldn't be possible for multiple "Found" items.
  • Previous/Next item search functionality ("Search Up" checkbox)
  • Left-Right then Top-Bottom search order

While it is possible through a custom script to do such a search (limited to selecting entire channels), it is much less desirable to do so than to have the functionality built into DIAdem (especially considering the properties are already present in the visible table so wouldn't need to be retrieved separately).


-Josh Rewerts

Engineering Technician
John Deere Power Systems

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We've suggested this in person, but thought I'd finally post it to the site.

Despite it being called the Data Portal, we'd like to have the capability of docking DIAlogs of any purpose into the data portal as new tabs alongside 'Structure' and 'List' views.


Non Modal DIAlogs tend to cover some portion of the active window, so tend to get in the way and end up being closed and re-opened by the user despite our resizing and overlapping of the Data Portal.  Allowing docking into the Data Portal would allow for convenient sizing (REPORT/VIEW tabs are already re-sized around the data portal) and movement with the application from one screen to another.


The primary example of functionality advancement for us would be our 'Page Browser', which is much like the View/Report 'manage' function, but works for both, allows filtering on both, allows for convenient rearranging of sheets to any other position, and can remain up at all times so users can simply jump to or flip to sheets without re-opening the 'manage' function or slowly tabbing/scanning through all sheets.


Obviously, it's up to you to decide the implementation...having some sort of tab manager at the very top or bottom that switches the 'Data Portal' out entirely for a 'Sheet Portal' and other custom DIAlog options & names could also work, or some other implementation entirely, but as the other tab manager already exists (but only ever contains 2 tabs), I feel would likely be less of a massive UI overhaul.



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When selecting a matrix structure set of channels for the z-matrix, DIAdem currently allows a user to select the first channel when the triplet channel radio button is chosen, and then locks that first entry as the first Z channel in the z-matrix.  When the user wants to select the last channel in the z-matrix, they then have to click the "..." box to the right of the greyed out box that has the first Z channel in the z-matrix displayed.  I was going to suggest that R&D work on the ability to chose channels that are not consecutively arranged within the data portal.  I feel it would be more intuitive to hold down CTRL and select the Z channels that make up the z-matrix.




Shawn S.