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Welcome to the NI Linux Real-Time Community!

If you are new to NI Linux Real-Time, please read our Introduction and our FAQ. Keep pace with the improvements we are making by checking the Feature Updates and Changelog for NI Linux Real-Time.

To take take advantage of the new NI-hosted package repository, upgrade your NI Linux Real-Time supported device to LabVIEW 2014 or later.

Visit OPKG Package Manager at the OpenWrt Wiki for information on how to manage packages on your device. To obtain the source code for the NI Linux Real-Time distribution, visit

To learn more about using C/C++ development on NI Linux RT Targets, visit C/C++ Embedded System Design Tools.

If you're a LabVIEW user and frequently access the console, check out NI ShellRT, a small add-on that allows quick access to a remote console window of a Linux Real-Time target from the LabVIEW project explorer.

About NI Linux Real-Time

Real-Time Linux Collaborative Project

Arch  ARMv7-a  x86_64
Bootloader  u-boot  GRUB2
Kernel  4.9.47-rt37
Filesystem  UBIFS  EXT4
Desktop Environment  N/A  XFCE4
Package Manager  opkg
openssl  1.0.2k
glibc  2.24
Init  SysV
Device Manager  eudev
Distribution Build System  OpenEmbedded/Pyro 

The Real-Time Linux™ (RTL) Collaborative Project was founded by industry experts, including NI, Intel, ARM, and Google, among others, to advance technologies for the robotics, telecom, manufacturing, and medical industries.

The Project will initially focus on pushing critical code upstream to be reviewed and later merged into the mainline Linux kernel with ongoing support. For more information on the project status, checkout the following Linux Foundation page:
Project Page

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