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Currently the data type of group properties is automatically set, when two colums are used, one for "Name" and one for "Value". (see picture, right side)

I recommend to enable the possibility to manually set the data type for every individual entry, regardless which column is chosen for Name and/or Value.Bild1.png

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In the Data Portal of DIAdem all default properties are ordered as they are specified in the documentation. But when adding new custom properties to the root or anywhere else, these properties are ordered alphabetical. It would be great if there would be a possibility to let the custom properties appear as they are added to the list.





Simplify how to create a DataPlugin. I should be able to define a binary layout like a telemetry stream and directly assign channels.


For example, A new GUI would be created. I define the telemetry stream which has three floating point numbers then an integer, repeat. Assign channel names Volts, Amps, Power Out, and Setting. Perhaps set the built-in properties. Press a button the plug in is automatically created.



I´d like to know how many people would like to see structured error and warning handling in dataplugins.


Just having the ErrorRaise method doesn´t suit my needs of get some detailed informations when just a warning would be sufficient.


How about having a RaiseWarning method?




a kind of UI to query the datafinder of files and paths where warnings and erros occur




Currently the DIAdem Open Reference.vi has only one option:the Show Environment boolean. It would great if you also could input which .ddd file DIAdem should launch with.


The workaround is pretty hacky:


Use Sys Exec.VI to launch DIAdem with the /d command line argument to specify a Desktop file. Then if you want to use the LabVIEW Connectivity VIs, you will need to poll to see if DIAdem is launched before you use the DIAdem Open Reference VI because the Sys Exec call is asynchronous so it could return before DIAdem is actually running thus risking that you will launch a second instance of DIAdem with the open reference that does not use the .ddd file you wanted..

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Support reading of ASAM MDF V4.0.0.

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