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By default, the datafinder is launched when Windows starts. This can be easily removed by msconfig.


When we run DIAdem, the datafinder pops up in the task bar, which is totally normal as DIAdem uses it for a number of tasks. But when it comes to closing DIAdem, the DataFinder still lives in the task bar. When I look at how much RAM it takes, I'm pretty much surprised about the 30MB used.


What about an general option where we could choose to close the DataFinder when DIAdem exits ?

On a more global note, what about adding a "Close" method to the datafinder object (no it does not exist, contrary to Connect and Open...) ?


Regards ;-)

  • DataFinder

It might require too much computation time but I was wondering if the DataFinder could calculate and store such characteristic values as channel min/max during it's index. I would find this really helpful.

If it is not practical to do on the fly, how about an extra option on the context menu in Navigator - in addition to 'Re-Index File' etc there would be 'Calculate Characteristic Values' which would then calculate and save the valeus back to the files for the file/folder/drive selected. 


Having network directories available in the DataFinder is a great tool. However, if a network directory is added as a default search locations AND the network cable is unplugged, DIAdem will hang for a very long period of time. Windows commands are used to query for network locations. If not connected to the network, the timeout for these commands is quite large. 


While this is technically expected behavior, it is not ideal software functionality to hang if a network cable is unplugged.



Luke W

Create SQL interface for the datafinder.

I know I can search data files with partial search in Advanced Search in DIAdem Data Finder. It would be nice if I can use partial matching in Quick Search. How do you think?


For example, if you have a file like "120627_0106_testdata.bin". You can only find this data in Advanced Search with a query of "*testdata*". You may want to search it with a query of "testdata" in Quick Search.


I would like to hear others' opinions.



A. Sasaki

  • DataFinder



I´d like to know how many people would like to see structured error and warning handling in dataplugins.


Just having the ErrorRaise method doesn´t suit my needs of get some detailed informations when just a warning would be sufficient.


How about having a RaiseWarning method?




a kind of UI to query the datafinder of files and paths where warnings and erros occur




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Not having the DataFinder index anything except NI's folders by default on install would be extremely convenient.  Optionally, this could also be a setting chosen on install.


Each of our users who installs the application immediately has every MS Excel file from their 'My Documents' folder indexed, which wouldn't really hurt anything except that most of these MS Excel files aren't true 'data' files.  In my experience, most Excel files rarely store anything as simple as what could be stored in text-tab delimited format, so aren't easily or usefully indexed, so seems to confuse the DataFinder as it is unable to close them automatically once opened.


The results is dozens to hundreds of Excel.exe processes running in the background, until the machine runs out of memory or files, so we have had to make a point to disable all datafinder indexing on each and every install.  We've scripted this process into our standard configuration, but if the user doesn't contact us right away, they suffer greatly from performance issues and blame DIAdem (rightly so).


I suspect that anyone who wants to use the DataFinder would want to do some manual configuration to specific folders, dataplugins, times of day to index, etc. which would make requiring setup perfectly acceptable to users who want to use it (and not waste resources for those that don't).



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When selecting a matrix structure set of channels for the z-matrix, DIAdem currently allows a user to select the first channel when the triplet channel radio button is chosen, and then locks that first entry as the first Z channel in the z-matrix.  When the user wants to select the last channel in the z-matrix, they then have to click the "..." box to the right of the greyed out box that has the first Z channel in the z-matrix displayed.  I was going to suggest that R&D work on the ability to chose channels that are not consecutively arranged within the data portal.  I feel it would be more intuitive to hold down CTRL and select the Z channels that make up the z-matrix.




Shawn S.

0 Kudos

I would like to export the table from the Navigator search pane into Excel or a CSV file so we can use that in a report (Word) as an overview of performed measurements.

We can quite good configure that table so let's make use of that.