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New channel type "calculation channel" in Data Portal

Rather than a channel that has a "fixed" value (numeric or string), this new "calculation channel" type would be a function of other channels.  Currently, if Channel3 = Channel1 + Channel2, and then I change the values for either Channel1 or Channel2, I have to re-execute the calculation


ChnCalculate("Ch(""Channel3"") = Ch(""Channel1"") + Ch(""Channel2"")")


Now, if there was a "calculation channel" where I could define Channel 3 as "Channel1 + Channel2", I wouldn't need to perform this re-execution! 


Another way to explain is to have a channel that works like Excel calculation cells.  The cell calculation stays the same, and when the input cells change, the result cell is automatically updated. 


I'm not sure if I explained this well, please ask for clarification if necessary. 

Trusted Enthusiast

Hi Julia,


I've wanted this exact functionality for a long time.  Thanks for bolstering my case with R&D.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

Nnational Instruments


Very nice idea, this would be really helpful... 


This is a must.  Since most of your users are probably coming from an Excel background, they expect this capability to be there.  When I started using DIAdem, I was pretty surprised that all calculations didn't work this way.  I feel that without this feature, I have to fall back on scripting a lot more.


<deleted comment since I put it in the wrong thread by mistake>




抓 捕 徐 才 厚


I think this would provide a fantastic improvement in useability. You could pre-create a Group of Channels that are essentially calculations. Then when you load your data set, you load in the new group and BAM, all your pre-defined calculations are completed, no scripting required. Like Marredcheese expressed, most are coming from Excel background expecting auto calculations. Frankly, more people CANNOT do scripting than can, and it'll severely limit your customer base over time. I love programming, but the high requirement of scripting made me hesitate implementing this software for our company.

sg000 hit the nail on the head. SCRIPT is nice but sometimes it's a little much to learn to just get someone on track to do some simple analysis. Being able to set up a DIAdem workspace as a rough analog for an Excel workspace would really help some non-power-users get acquainted with DIAdem for their own uses.
Active Participant

The requirements you described (as far as I understand them) are covered by the "CalculationManager" in DIAdem ANALYSIS. Calculation-Manager allows you to create the formulas you described (even nicer) and you can execute a whole set of calculations in one step with no programming required. What you would do is load the data, execute the formulas and you will have the new channels you asked for .