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The option tooltip is very good feature what is the problem is it is only for the controls. If I want to show tooltip for listbox then it is fine but what if someone wants to show tooltip for active rows. It simply doesn't. 


This is very basic but one of the disadvantage of labview over .NET.


This needs to be fixed

Bonjour à tous


Je suis en BTS et viens de commencer à utiliser LabWindows/CVI.

Je génère deux signaux carrés sur les ports PFI4/P1.0 et PFI5/P1.1 d'un USB-6210 mais je veux déphser celui du port PFI5/P1.1 par rapport à l'autre de 90°


Est ce que quelqu'un pourrait m'aider s'il vous plait???



it's an old question, see here, but so far I have not heard about a practical solution. The quest is to find all instruments on a local LAN that are switched ON (and connected to the LAN, of course). Unfortunately, viFindRsrc does not work. Pinging all possible addresses seems not a viable solution due to the required time, either. So it's possible to detect all serial instruments, all instruments connected via GPIB, but until now there is no standalone solution (i.e.without involving NI-MAX) to detect instruments on a local LAN... Smiley Sad