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It would be nice to be able to import and export custom environment and color settings.  This would allow users to transfer settings to another computer, and it would also allow the community to create color schemes that could be shared.  Creating a good color scheme from scratch is time consuming, so it would be nice for both the creater and the user to be able to share the work that is done.






Brandon V.



This is sort of a slight extension of the valuable suggestion by vix (Go to Next/Previ​ous function in source files😞


Right now, in the CVI IDE it is possible to have a function tree of all library functions - for larger projects it might be useful to also have a function browser for all the functions in the current project, thus not only permitting to jump to the next or previous function, as suggested by vix, but also to more easily return to a frequently used function by one mouse click on the function name in the function browser.


Functions could be grouped by file name (typically there is more than one source file in a project), or alphabetically...

I would like to suggest a function tree view in CVI.  I feel this is sorely missing.  Many times, I want to jump right to a function, but I don't remember where it is.  In a single C file with 1,000+ lines, this can be very aggravating.


For this reason, I tend to use Notepad++ for the heavy lifting, along with the Source Cookifier plugin.  See attached screenshot of that plugin.


There are options in the plugin to enable certain features, such as the global and local variables in addition to the function names.  When you are inside a function in the souce editor, the tree updates with a selection to show that you are inside that function.  This is very helpful with functions that have more lines than available veritcal screen space.  This way, I don't have to scroll up to see what function I'm looking at.  I simply look at the tree with a glance and I know.

When a user changes a numeric control radix, LabWindows/CVI generates an EVENT_RADIX_CHANGE event and sends the event to the control callback function.

eventData1 = The new format of the radix(VAL_DECIMAL_FORMAT, VAL_HEX_FORMAT, VAL_OCTAL_FORMAT, or VAL_BINARY_FORMAT).  Provide an attribute to set the radix from source code.

IF autoscaling is activated for graphs on the UIR, it will fit the scale exactly to the data displayed. I would like to have an option to add an offset, so that the scale is always a little bit "bigger" then the data plotted.

For example if there would be an option "Autoscale Offset: 10", and I would plot an array containing data with values of min 30; max 340, the autoscale would set the scale to min 20 and max 350.

It would be convienent if there was a menu item for changing the Selection Mode.  Not that I would probably ever use the menu item itself, but if it was in the menu I could bind it to a shortcut key and I would use the shortcut key all the time.  Currently the only way I am aware of to change the selection mode is to use the mouse to click on the icon on the status bar, which is kind of inconvienent when manipulating text with the keyboard.  Thanks.

Newest version of LabWindows have not one importatnt option in installation software builder. It is "run executable at and of installation"

It would be convienent if this was the default, especially since the behavior now is to take the panel color from however Windows is set up on the development machine.  I find this both odd and inconvienent as it makes this error hard to catch as the panels look okay on the development PC.  Thanks.

Have you ever wanted to run a customizable batch file or executable after a CVI Application has been deployed? In my case I do. In my case, I want to automatically run a batch file that sets the Environment Paths in Windows of my executables and DLL's after the installation is completed. To make this work currently I am requiring the person who is installing the application to manually run a batch file to set up the Environment Paths in Windows. Potentially error prone if the paths are not set for my applications. My batch file would be written as: "Set Path <etc> from the command line prompt. CVI 2010 does not have this capability.


In older versions of CVI I think this feature existed but I do not know which CVI version National Instruments removed it from.


There may be other cases that I might want to run an executable(s) that sets up the application up in a default situation for first time use only.


I am sure there are other cases where other CVI Developers who would want this capability too.


In TestStand this feature exists in the "TestStand Deployment Utility" under the Custom Commands tab.