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In principle CVI supports external compilers for an optimized release version such as Intel's ICL and I managed to successfully compile release versions using ICL 11.1.


However, documentation on this issue is sparse.


It is even worse if one attempts to use an external linker which might be appropriate if one attempts to use e.g. Intel's MKL. Here I would love to see the support of external linkers in combination with an improved documentation.


Similarly, CUDA is becoming more attractive for more demanding floating point applications - I would consider it very useful if NI could provide e.g. an application note of how to do this in an easy to follow tutorial.

A feature that is still missing in NIReport is the ability to show a preview on screen of the generated report.

This feature could help very much the developer in designing the report without the immense wasting of paper that its lack implies. Moreover, customers are more and more requiring this feature to check reports before actual printing them, especially in applications where reports can be tailored some way to adapt to customers requirements.


Both reasons prevent me at present to use NIReport,

Currently when formatting hex values into strings the letters a-f are always lowercase.  It would be nice to have an option to make them uppercase, as that is how most people are used to seeing them.  It would also allow for consistency between the way numeric controls work (which use uppercase A-F).



For God's sake please add a zoom function, the text and icons are so small that my eyes burn when looking at the block diagram window.


Or at least just a way to make icons/text bigger so it's easier to manage connections.

When using tab controls on a panel, every time you change the active tab in the UIR editor the file is marked as modified even if no real modification has been made on panels/controls. This is particularly annoying when you are simply looking at a UIR file but you don't want its date/time to be modified (e.g. in case the project has already been deployed to the customer and you want to keep the local copy of the UIR with the original date/time).


If your file is marked as read-only (same scenario as before: the application has already been deployed and you want to prevent modifications to it) you cannot even change the active tab page, neither in edit mode nor in operate mode (F4 - operate visible panel)!


It would be better in my opinion that a simple tab page switch does not forces the UIR to be saved.

If you select an User Interface control you can move it to a new location in two ways:

  1. through Arrange >> Control Coordinates you can set the new (X, Y) position
  2. moving it of a predefined offset every time you press one of the keyboard arrows, or of one pixel (SHIFT + arrow)

Using the arrows is an easy way if you want to move the control of a little quantity, but it's difficult if you need for example 200 or more pixels.

Moreover with Arrange >> Control Coordinates you can set the new location for a group of selected controls using the "All" buttons.

But if you want to move a group of controls of a desired offset you can only use the arrows.


I suggest the implementation of specifying either an absolute position or an offset throug the Control Coordinates window, both for a single control and for a group of them.

Hi Everybody,
I'm a student, and now i'm interning at a company that wants me to develop an industrial vision system.
I would like to ask you if i can use NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI) with the Labwindows/ CVI
If so, how? and what are the difficulties that may affect me?
THANK YOU for your help !
Best regards,

I had a customer associated with SR# 7325346 ask how to change the maximum value for his Y axis in CVI.  I rightfully directed him to the SetAxisScalingMode function.  The customer told me that they were using an equation to determine the Max parameter for their Y axis [YMax=2*x + sqrt(x) + log(x)] or something to that effect.  He also said that the equation could change to something else, and he would like to change the equation on the fly within CVI. 


Basically, he's asking for functionality that would enable a text box to act similar to an Excel cell, which could evaluate simple equations such as add(val1,val2) or sqrt(val3).  We should build a tool that makes this possible.

I'd like to be able to group controls together so moving them would be a single click on the group and drag.

I am unable to download and install the Import CVI Instrument Driver Wizard for LabView 2010.