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We source control testexec.ini, becuase I want to replicate the custom path information, which is stored in testexec.ini, among our other stations.  But, whenever I start teststand, it tries to write to testexec.ini for some reason,  and I get the "can't write to testexec.ini" message because this file is set to read only when checked in (which in our case is most of the time). I have become so accustomed to clicking this message that I dont' even think about it. 

But, I do have a request to the developers.  Please store path information (paths configured under configure/search directories) to a file all by itself, or to a file that does not share so much other information that testexec.ini stores (which is a lot).  I notice there is a file called teststandperistedoptions.opt, that appeared around TS2010, that perhaps a lot of the testexec.ini stored stuff can be migrated to?  That way I won't get this message every time I start teststand. 

At least one other person has had a similar issue.


David Jenkinson