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Professional Development package should include source code control (SCC) and Requirements Gateway right out of the box.


I know that bundled SCC was a problem in the past that NI wants to avoid, but I feel that a "Professional" development system isn't very professional without it and Requirements Gateway. However, It is very difficult and painful for me to get separate funds approved for important items that really needs to be already there right out of the box.


I already use free SVN, but TestStand does not recognize it, so it is not "integrated".




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Hi all,


Currently if you go to File>>New, there is an option to create a New Sequence File, New Workspace File and New Analyzer Project, but no option to create a new Sequence.  Instead you have go to your sequences pane right-click and select New Sequence.  This can be confusing to new users who may be looking in the File>>New menu to create a new sequence.  Why not make this an option?


teststand new.JPG