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If you have lot of code between an if, else, end statement steps (and other flow control structures for, foreach, while, and etc.), it would be nice to roll all that up so you can see more of the flow of the sequence.  This will also help to know what steps are in those structures in large sequences.  TestStand already has some code folding in the sequence, so this is an expansion of this.  Many text and code editors have this feature and it would be a great feature for TestStand.



So we have the setup, main and cleanup step groups in the sequence view which is fine, and they're collapsable which means if you're working in Main you don't get a screenfull of Setup above you.

We also have block sections that you can associate with step types to provide indentations making navigation easier.

What I'd like to see is the ability to create a collapsible section (so a sub sequence call is NOT what I'm talking about).

For times when a sub sequence call is not necessary, we should be able to insert a block section that is collapsable purely for visual appeal.

It makes long sequences easier to navigate. This would be a visual implementation modification on how we show block sections (so collapse versus indent).




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It would be nice to have the message popup be more generic so that it can be used in more situations. For example to notify the user that there is a wait in progress. It is currently not possible to remove the button from the Message popup.