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Hi, i am a inventer building and winding my own coils

since your program is perfect for testing differant windings i have a few things i want you to add


multilayers sow for instand a 4 layer transformer

select with type of wire and the gauge witch automaticty calculates the ohms

the shape of the coil turoid or tesla coil like

the core itself, i would like an option to use a micrometalmix core or an aircore


thanks in advance

Utiboard has some windows and fields to create net, buses and component groups in the "Group Editor" tool. The bus groups are required if you want to autoroute a particular bus. However, there's no creation of a bus group when you create a bus in Multisim, so this have to be done manually in Ultiboard, and the back annotate it to Multisim. So I think that is a good idea to have the same "Group Editor" window in Multisim, and also automtically add Buses to Bus Groups. Also, another related enhancement could be the creation of component's "Room Property" (like OrCAD) for components that need to be near in the PCB as passive components for medium to high speed IC's, and use this property to automatically create a component group, and also aid Autorouters to impose particular constraints for this group, like trace length, impedance, and maximum via count. This can increase success and speed of ultiboard Autorouter, or make manual placing and routing much faster.