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Review of Year 2022 (travel is back!!!)

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Hello Fellow Travellers along the Wirey Road, 

Let us finish the year in a self-indulgent fashion and everyone should pretend they are interested.



Although the books look about average, we had a great year, mainly because we sustained our earnings while doing fun-stuff, community stuff and having lots of vacation time. Earning a living in a sustainable manner is becoming quite important to me as I get older.

If all goes to plan we are pretty much sorted for next year too, which is nice.



Travel is back baby! I missed you my friend. I'll share some photos.


May 2022 NI Connect - Austin - ABQ USA Road trip

Interesting and fun trip, lot's of driving and cool places to stay, also appeared in a podcast about drinking. The Americans treated me very well indeed.

Lake BurnetLake Burnet

Turkey TexasTurkey Texas

San AngeloSan Angelo


GDevCon Amsterdam. Netherlands

A great time was had by all, thank you Dutch people, you were all lovely. I stayed on a Lightship, it was amazing.



Constanta, Romania - Work trip

A very interesting trip, looking at ships.




Spent a lot of the year in pain, but now I'm fit and happy! Thank you small, strong physio lady and pilates...

I look like Ted inside my head.



I've attempted to read books, with varying degrees of success, but Alice in Borderland second series is on Netflix so I'll watch that instead.


I've seen some good live music, the highlight being Steve Ignorant plays Crass at the 100 club.


Learning and Training

Been a good year for DSH workshops, done a few now and very pleased with them. Feels like nice sustainable growth.

Been learning PLCs with my daughter and quite enjoying being frustrated in that "I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!" way.


Decided I don't enjoy training on my own, I like it when there's a group of us.


My big thing this year to really think about what we want and then run the business as a reflection of that. So our business is now very much a reflection of Adrian and me, not someone else's idea of what a business should look like. That is quite satisfying.


Have a great holiday season and if I have anything to say next year I'll say it here.


Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab,Joerg and Brian amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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