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NIDays London 2016 - User Group Track

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Hello Lovely LUGlys

Welcome to the new home of Random Ramblings. This is worryingly high profile, I'm going to have to behave myself!


This is just an announcement (wrapped up in me trying out the new platform).


At NIDays London 2016 something new is happening. The User Groups have been given a track, we pick the material and presenters. This is a great opportunity to for all the LUGs (LabVIEW User Groups) to meet up, swap ideas and present to each other. 


Speaking of presentations.......



15:00 - 15:45 - Quick Fire LabVIEW Presentations

                         15:00 - Andy Clegg - Training Simulator for Industrial Drivers <-- Rumour has it that this is not going to happen, probably be me talking about the change in platforms for UGs

                         15:08 - Richard Thomas - A Touch of Class - Introduction to SWISH, an Object-Based Touch UI Toolkit

                         15:16 - Martin Griffiths - Building TestStand UIs in LabVIEW

                         15:24 - Kabul Maharjan - Improve UX Using Subpanels

                         15:32 - Chris Woodhams - Using Third Party Add Ons in LabVIEW


That's more technical content than you'll know what to do with!

I will be videoing but not streaming on the day, I'll also be compering and asking stupid questions. We'll also be trying to smuggle beer in (by we I mean James Powell and me)

Come and say hello, I'm not as scary as I look.

Much Love

Steve Watts



All the best bits of a LabvIEW User Group in one place. Some great presenters, going to be a great event. Going to get there early and hopefully there will be enough space for everyone.

See you there Smiley Happy

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I hope it will, I'm quite invested in it. Thanks for being my first comment in the new era of Rambling.