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NEWS - European CLA Summit a Great Success

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So what do I mean about it being a great success?

170 CLAs from all over the world came to Vienna to attend a conference with content primarily generated from their peers. This was a record. All attendees took at least 4 days from their working lives and paid for their hotels. For Europeans it was at least $1000 per delegate, for Americans (and there were a few) it would have been 3x that!. NI invested an awful lot into the event too, feeding us and paying for our excellent facilities as well as bringing over some great technical staff (I'll include Jeff K in that!), they even paid for a trip up a revolving tower restaurant (this is a concept that makes me very happy indeed).



Audience Participation was the key, I like to think of Fab as my warm-up actSmiley Happy


But I'm not going to talk about the exceptional presentations, instead I'm going to talk about this thing that we have that we didn't have 6 years ago (in Europe). We have been given a forum where peers can get together and talk about all the aspects of our work (there was actually very little LabVIEW discussed). We have to thank a certain Mrs Nancy Henson for all of this and also NI for being such generous hosts.


So here's a weird thing, this is an event that's grown and grown, is generally very enthusiastically received by participants and yet if you looked on NI.com you might be convinced it hadn't happened at all. Why is that??


Anyway please be known that everyone involved is appreciated (I'm looking at you Mallori, Rich and Pascal and our wonderful Austrian hosts).


I'll probably try and convert my presentation into a couple of articles over the next couple of months


Lots of Love





Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab,Joerg and Brian amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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