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LabVIEW Halo Projects

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Hello Lovelies

I'm thinking of starting a series of articles on interesting projects using LabVIEW that demonstrate its capabilities. DM me if you want to submit something (you'll be interviewed and an article written if it fulfils one of the criteria described below).


Articles will be need to be approved by the interviewee in writing before they are published.


I would like to think on the term Halo Project...


For me these are projects that prove LabVIEWs capabilities in the field, they may not be the most glamorous (although glamor is good too). What they should do is showcase aspects of LabVIEW as an industrial language (or just as a general purpose language)


Therefore I'm looking for ...

A complex requirement (notice I want the requirement to be complex not the solution!)

Enterprise integration

Distributed systems

FPGA Control


Certified Industries

Rapid turnaround

Beautiful / Doesn't look like LabVIEW (thanks Wiebe!)

Impressive / cool (thanks Joerg)

Unexpected/Surprising (thanks Joerg)


Any others?


A halo project should essentially demonstrate the capabilities of the language (and hardware), we can change names to protect privacy.


I think code glimpses and architecture are important if they are important to the story.


My hope is that NI will pick this up as a searchable capabilities library.


The point is to comfort stakeholders and maybe to inspire serious minded beginners that graphical programming is a good way to build systems. It could also be used to encourage best practices.


DM me if you want contribute.


Please use the comments for expanding the concept of a Halo project and not for showcasing your project......


All the best


Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab,Joerg and Brian amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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