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NIWeek 2011 - Day 1 LabWindows/CVI Showcase

NI Employee (retired)

Thank you to all the attendees of today's LabWindows/CVI sessions and events!

It was wonderful to meet so many of you today at the LabWindows/CVI sessions and on the show the floor. I can now associate a face and a real person to your community personas and overall feel very welcome to the LabWindows/CVI user community. Thank you!

Highlights from Today's Events

LabWindows/CVI Sessions: "What's New in LabWindows/CVI 2010 and Beyond" and "Developing ANSI C Applications to Communicate with FPGAs"


"Look how far we have come" - today we took a look at the past and future of LabWindows/CVI. Next year will mark the 25th anniversary of the product and we could not reach this milestone without the continued feedback and idea suggestions from our user base to help us keep improving and innovating. Luis Gomes, LabWindows/CVI R&D Group Manager spoke today about the LabWindows/CVI Idea Exchange as the first place our developers look to in deciding what features we will be implementing next. All ideas on the idea exchange get considered and you can expect the top rated proposals to appear in upcoming versions of LabWindows/CVI. We also reiterated the benefits of LabWindow/CVI 2010 after whcih Luis gave us insight into the future technology investments for CVI. We want to thank you for all the great comments we received, our goal in providing you with the best tools possible means that your requests and opinions will help shape the future of the product. Thank you again for participating.


"I love the FPGA Interface C API so much, I could cry" - today's session literally brought me to tears today, though this is due in part to my allergies! In the "Developing ANSI C Applications to Communicate with FPGAs" session we discussed FPGA technology and its benefits, the NI RIO Platform and then broke down the entire development process from creating FPGA code to creating and deploying the ANSI C application that controls and pulls data back from the FPGA hardware. Kent Johnson, Senior Software Engineer for CompactRIO walked us through a live demo showing us how to use the LabVIEW FPGA module to program a PXI R Series RIO board and how to program the C Host application in LabWindows/CVI by using the FPGA Interface C API Generator built into CVI (Tools >> Launch FPGA Interface C API Generator). Again we had a lot of excellent questions that spawned some great discussions, we thank you for your attention and interest in this session!

-> Install the latest FPGA Interface C API 1.3

LabWindows/CVI Developers Lunch


Thanks to everyone that came out to the LabWindows/CVI developers lunch today. We sat down with CVI users (and some lost LabVIEW users) to chat and dine at the Peer2Peer tables in the NIWeek cafeteria. Table 1 was hosted by Nick Beer, CVI developer and Luis Gomes, CVI R&D Group Manager. Table 2 was hosted by Jeff Pautler, CVI RealTime Group Manager and Michael Harrison, Senior Software Engineer for CVI.

Best Regards,

Anna Kozminski

LabWindows/CVI Product Manager

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