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Re: CVI Developers Group on LinkedIn - Job Postings

NI Employee (retired)

Join the LabWindows/CVI Developers Group on LinkedIn to let employers know of your CVI programming experience. Given that LabWindows/CVI is one of the most popular tools for developing ANSI C Automated Test applications, employers value proficiency in CVI when hiring for positions is test development.

Add this skill to your portfolio by joining the LabWindows/CVI Developers Group on LinkedIn.

Spincraft in San Diego, CA has just recently posted this job opening:

"Spincraft has an immediate requirement for a LabWindows/CVI programmer in San Diego, CA. This town has a LabVIEW user group but not CVI. I have asked the usual suspects but no luck yet. Your suggestions are welcome.

This requirement is a contract position with one of our clients in San Diego. The CVI programmer will spend most of their time on-site. The ATE project is for a new product launch in March 2012. This hourly contract would be full-time with possible O/T towards the completion. A favorable outcome could lead to a permanent position, directly with this client. Please let me know if you can fulfill these requirements.
Thanks, "

See the job posting here

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National Instruments

Thank you for the contact. I am in San Diego and have developed many automated test systems using Labwindows/CVI.

Sheldon Smilo,