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Welcome to the New Reference Design Portal

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Welcome to the updated Reference Design Portal (RDP) on the new NI Community platform. After a couple of months of cleaning up content and building our new interface, the RDP is once again "open for business" to help you find reuse and reference code content for use in your application development.


Content Organization


We have updating the organization of code content items to classify each item by Reference Design Type, Application Segment, and Development Topic. These three facets enable you to filter and browse content based on your interests and needs. Of course you can also browse all of the content in the Reference Design Portal, or use the search bar at the top of each page to find the right content based on keywords.


New Content Notifications


If you would like to receive notifications by e-mail about new and updated content in the Reference Design Portal (or any other group/community) on the NI Community platform, you must Subscribe to these updates in each of these places. In each group of interest, look for the Options pull down menu, and select Subscribe. 


Subscribe on Community.png


For the Reference Design Portal you should subscribe to updates from the Documents group, Discussion group and Blog (three separate subscriptions).




If you would like to ask general questions about reference designs, suggest a new reference design, or gather input for a project you are working on, please post your questions or suggestions in the Reference Design Discussion group. This area should be an open community for interaction and exchange around all things related to reusable software on the NI platform.


Questions that pertain to a specific reference design should be posted as a comment on the individual content page or in a support forum if one is listed on that page.


General product support questions about NI products should be placed in the Discussion Forum for the particular product.

authored by
Christian L, CLA
Systems Engineering Manager - Automotive and Transportation
NI - Austin, TX