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Re: create a (right click) menu in a picture  


First I hope I have posted in a relevant forum.  To improve the UI interactivity I have want to include a picture with some simple graphics (omitted for simplicity) representing an area in my UI.  I would like to create Firstly; objects based on coordinates in this picture and and Secondly; be able to click or right click the objects to get a menu like in the attaced  .jpg

To solve the first task I basically tracked the coordinates and printed a textbox. Then by monitoring the coordinates for the mouse I know if I clicked the the textbox "object". I assume that there might be more efficient ways to create these object, having properites or nodes that would help in my second task, which is in either case challenging..

Thankful for suggestions!



Knight of NI

Hi Nick,

as long as those "objects" are just part of your image shown in the picture indicator you have to keep track of their positions on your own.

To create that menu you could open a subVI near your mouse postion showing the required menu entries…

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO
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JD Powell created an excellent example of a custom right click menu, available here: http://lavag.org/files/file/226-shortcut-menu-from-cluster/

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