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LabVIEW Speak - Programming LV through voice commands


A Video getting started guide to using and developing with LabVIEW Speak

(The full 'Instrumentation Newsletter' text describing this technology is available here)

*NOTE* Embedded videos not operational. Please follow links.

All Material used (PPT and LVPackages) is attached

If you want to go straight to the flashy stuff, go straight to the Plugin Pack and Command Reviews

FYI: Don't miss the last video and the introduction of 'FreakingFastDrop', the revolution of QuickDrop.

Installing and Testing Installation

<a href="">Getting_Started_with_LVSpeak_Pt1</a>

Executing Your First LVSpeak Command

<a href="">Getting_Started_with_LVSpeak_Pt2</a>

Operating the LVSpeak Engine and Debugging Installation

<a href="">Getting_Started_with_LVSpeak_Pt3</a>

QEC - Align - Command Review

<a href="">Align_Commands</a>

QEC - Engine - Command Review

<a href="">Engine_Plugin</a>

QEC Plugin Pack - All those other goodies

Part 1

<a href="">QEC_Plugin_Pack_Pt1</a>

Part 2

<a href="">QEC_Plugin_Pack_pt2</a>

Part 3

<a href="">QEC_Plugin_Pack_pt3</a>

Part 4 - Freaking Fast Drop & Pulling it all together

<a href="">Freaking_Fast_Drop</a>


You imply that this requires quickdrop.

Is there any way I can use this with LV 8.5?

Marshal Horn


The entire post has been revised.

Although the codebase has been developed in 2009 and 8.6 there is a possibility that it can be ported to 8.5.

There are a few places that I may use a newer LVOOP function or two. I currently don't have oooodles of time to port this back, but if you have a copy of 2009 and the time you should be able to be successful

The functionality of QuickDrop has been replaced by the plugin 'FreakingFastDrop' which allows you to simply say a palette item and have it on the cursor.

Review the videos and see what you think.


The discussion regarding this release can be found on LAVA at


Have any improvements been made or has this project been dropped?


Actually, that's funny that you asked.

I just finished creating the new 3.0 version, which does not add any obvious functionality but has employed a variety of changes behind the scene.

  • The LVS and QEC core engines have been re-designed and are now fully de-coupled, thus allowing you to easily call QEC commands from any place you like (RCF, QD shorcuts, your own API)
  • The LVS speech recognition engine was previously hard codeded as the Microsoft API, it is now fully plug-in and able to go Cross Platform (ie. mac / linux)

It's still needing a few more cleanup steps before release, but if' you have a specific short term need ( <1 month) let me know and I can get you the engines



I'm in no hurry but I am looking forward to trying out your new version as

soon as you would like to the VI available.




Hello NJKirchner,

My Labview program is all set and ready to go. Currently, there is a 'Start' button in my program which initiates the program after mouse click. Do you think LVSpeak can be used to activate 'Start' button using voice recognition instead of mouse click.



Is version 3 ready for testing yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?



Just a question. Is the update discussed still pending?

Planned in the future or dropped due to other commitments?

Many thanks


If you are interested in a newer version, I would start by validating that this version works on your PC

This represents the root of the newer version.

This is only doing speech detection and does not have the QuickEdit portion.

But there is such a change codebase, I would like to validate that this works on your system first.


I am interested in version 30 as well.  I downloaded the Labview speak basic from the link above and verified that it works on my machine.  Where can I find the complete version 3.0?

This is really useful software!  I miss it since I upgraded to Win7.




I'm just trying this out. I have LVSpeak 2.0.4-1 installed on a Win 7 Pro 64 bit machine - LabVIEW 2012 32 bit version. I see that LVS IS picking up my commands in the LVS window, but it is not affecting the actual LV window that I have open. I followed the videos and have place 3 booleans on the front panel, I select all 3, hold ctl, and say "Align Left"; the command shows in the window, but nothing happens to the controls.  I do continue to hold the ctl key, that doesn't help. I tried other commands and they appear in the LVS window, but no affect. I even closed LV and re-tried it to no avail. Any ideas?  I do have 2011 that I cold try it on.


PS - Same thing in LV2011.

Active Participant

This is a fantastic tool, and that can't be overstated!

But do you really sit there at your desk and voice command your LV IDE? I'd annoy a lot of office colleagues if I started doing that

Thoric (CLA, CLED, CTD and LabVIEW Champion)


If you don't have a headset, then it's not exactly the best tool amongst a bunch of cubes depending on wall height.

However, with even the most basic headset, you'll find that with barely a whisper, your commands are detected.

It's no different than a very short soft murmur heard even just 4 feet away (and if you've got to program next to someone closer than that.....well you might want to consider checking out

You pretty much make more noise typing than you do speaking into the headset.

Active Participant

4 feet is about right, and no cubicles or walling, just all open-plan desking, so I'd be heard clear enough to be irritating unfortunately. Tis a shame because I'd love to trial this

Thoric (CLA, CLED, CTD and LabVIEW Champion)

Active Participant

Any further development on this, or anything? I've got Win7 and LV2013 32-bit; I can install the base package but not the plugin pack. VIPM tells me my OS or LabVIEW version don't support the plugin pack.

Ryan R.
Active Participant


Have you done any work yet on porting the QEC plugins to the new architecture? I'm itching to try this out.

Ryan R.

Send me an e-mail at and I'll get you on the beta release


Is there a way to remove selected commands and VIs, especially from FreakingFastDrop?  Every time I try to "delete selection", LVspeak hears "Delete Section", which is apparently a VI somewhere.  So, maybe if I got rid of "Delete Section" from the list ...



Each QuickEditCommand Plugin has a VI that delivers to the framework the

names of all commands to execute.

FreakingFastDrop polls the same system that delivers the list for QuickDrop.

If you wanted to filter out that specific command, you'd need to do it

through that VI.

There isn't anything in the Framework that enables that kind of individual

command filtering.

Hope that helps!


NI Employee



Can this example be applied to a cRIO, for voice commands?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.