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Welcome on the Euregio User Group Page


We would like to exchange and discuss knowledge and problems in LabVIEW with people from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The border of a country should not be a border for knowledge transfer. The user group meets every four months. We hope you join and contribute to our user group. 


First meeting on April 11 at RWTH Aachen

Meeting: 11.04.2019

Venue: NGP2, Forckenbeckstr. 51, 52074 Aachen, Raum HS-A005-2-39P

Ten steps to achieve good LabVIEW code to start data acquisition and logging, Christian Moritz – ZUMOLab

Data acquisition and logging are usually the first steps in LabVIEW. To avoid problems and errors it is recommended to start with a suitable program structure. A simple program structure for data acquisition and logging, including all necessary functions, will be developed during the presentation.


The Elegancy of OpenGDS, Pascal Heinen - VI Technologies

The “Open GDS GOOP Development Suite” (Open GDS) is an elegant tool and framework for developing LabVIEW classes. The build in scripts and tools are lowering the entry level for using classes in LabVIEW. The classes created with OpenGDS are very close to the way of working in object oriented design. It is a must have for developers looking for an easier start in Object oriented design within LabVIEW. This will be shown in a practical way.

!Please sign up if you are interested and able to participate the first Euregio LabVIEW User Group Meeting. Sign up here !

Attend, present or organize a user group meeting and make use of the NI Recertification by Points Program. More info to be found here.


We are looking forward to the first meeting of the Euregio LabVIEW User Group in April!


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