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A Showcase of Student Innovation

We've Identified a sure-fire recipe for innovation, by mixing together three key ingredients:

  • The raw, unshackled creativity of a young engineer
  • The practiced, system-level design skills taught in most modern engineering courses
  • The highly productive, industry-grade NI platform

When you combine these elements, incredible things can happen. As seen in the posts below, today's student projects represent unprecedented ambition, innovation and impact. These students are breaking-records, improving lives, founding companies and saving the environment... before they have even graduated!

This community space serves three purposes:

1. Amplify. It allows students to share their innovative, high-impact projects with the wider engineering community.
2. Inspire. This is a monument to tomorrow's engineers - a place to witness the unparalleled talents of contemporary students, and the ambitious, ground-breaking projects they work on.
3. Archive. It allows us to maintain visibility for past NI Student Design Competition entries**

**Regrettably, we are unable to host the Student Design Competition this year.

5 Tips for Writing a World-Class Project Post

Top 10 Student Projects Worldwide

How to Publish Your Project:

1. Complete your University project (note: this is the hard part!)
2. Read Top Tips!
3. Create or log in to your profile.
4. Click the Create Document button below.
5. Important: Select the NI Student Design Project Submission template.
6. Publish your project post and share it with your supervisors, friends, and community peers.