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SystemLink provides centralized management capabilities for distributed test, measurement, and control solutions. An intuitive web application lets you manage a group of networked systems with functions that include software deployment, device configuration, and diagnostics. SystemLink also provides secure, scalable data services and LabVIEW APIs. Supported hardware includes PXI (Windows), CompactRIO (NI Linux Real-Time), and Windows PCs.

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Developing distributed applications typically requires the configuration and management of web server and database infrastructure. NI is removing this obstacle to solution delivery with SystemLink Cloud for data visualization. It is an NI-hosted service in a secure, scalable cloud-computing environment that removes the need for additional hardware for server infrastructure and managing web server configuration and security. SystemLink Cloud enables development teams to use the configuration-based Dashboard Builder and integrates with WebVIs to make it easy to share their measurement data/insights to stakeholders in a global, mobile-friendly, yet secure way.

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