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Allow Sequence Adapter to expand containers in the module tab

I think it would be a great idea to allow the sequence adapter to expand containers like the CVI and LabVIEW adapters do when you are editing the module for the step. 



See attachment.

~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~
Trusted Enthusiast

I like it!


This would come in handy!

Active Participant

How would you support the idea of "do not check type" that is available for Sequence call step type parameters but not necessairly for those others?

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You could ideally choose to pass in a container, or the individual components of the container.  If you chose to pass in the container, it wouldn't neccessariy check type.

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This would enable us to use static calls to sequences as parameters and limits rather than relying on importing property object files. Want!


Also a "Want" from me!


Helps in debugging, need this feature.


Can't believe this isn't already implemented.  Seems like it should have been a straight forward natural progression.  Anybody know of a specific reason or feature that is preventing implementation?  TestStand is great at working with Labview to create custom container variables that match type definitions.  If you use the type defs on your code modules, then it is a seamless transition.  However, TS seems to be stopping short of letting us use them to their full ability.  Very frustrating.  Sequences would be much cleaner if this worked.  


Please implement!!




This would be very helpful in reducing unnecessary statement steps (or preexpressions) and local variables.

Not my tempo... AGAIN!