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Multiple manual scales for multiple waveforms on one graph in VIEW panel.

Hello ALL,


there is only one manual scale to be set in a 2D graph in VIEW Panel. It would be a great idea if setting manual scales would allow you to set seperate scales for seperate plots on one graph.




Thanks, Piotr

Best regards, Piotr

Certified TestStand Architect
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Status changed to: In Development
Status changed to: Completed

Hello Piotr,


The feature you requested has been realized in DIAdem 2014. Follow these steps to make use of it:


  • In a VIEW 2D chart in DIAdem 2014 choose "n Y-Axes [Linear]" for the Y-Axis type to display an individual axis for each curve.
  • Open the "Display..." dialog to access the parameters of the chart
  • In the dialog check the scaling item "Curve related" to display the additional "Scaling" column in the curve list
  • To define an individual scaling for a curve choose "Edit..." from its scaling drop down box. This opens a new dialog which allows you to define a number of named manual scalings. Press OK to confirm your definitions.
  • Each of these named scalings can now be selected for each of the curves in your chart. Selecting the same scaling for multiple curves results in them sharing the same y-axis