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DIAdem Basic S&V Functions

An existing DIAdem and DAC user want to measure Sound & Vibration signals. Basic S&V Functions like dB ABC weighting, sound level,... (existing functions in the S&V Meas.Suite) would be nice to have in DIAdem as well.

Current Workaround:

Use S&V Assistant for this application.

Include everything in DIAdem would increase efficency.










I am a PXIe, Labview and Diadem user and also would be interessted in a dB ABC weighting for frequency analysis for sound signals.

Until now, I do the dB weighting with Labview and reimport these files to DIAdem. It would be much more easier, if I could weight the signals directly in Diadem.

Thanks a lot,



I' missing this feature, too!

You can use dB and dB(X) functions in Order Analysis (frequency domain). So - principally, basic S&V functions are already implemented in DIAdem but they are restricted to some special S&V measurements...

It would be great to make these functions available for "standard" frequency analyses. 






We would really benefit from these features as well.  I think these additions and a few other things like harmonic cursors would be fantastic for DIAdem.  We have B&K Pulse LabShop as well and need some of features from that in DIAdem.



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i have some information to share, i have some DAC example for a A,B,C weighting Filter- maybe this helps some of you, too.



Here the link to NI Talk

DIAdem DAC ABC Weighting Filter


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Status changed to: Under Consideration
Status changed to: Completed
In the DIAdem 2014 module ANALYSIS you will find a new function "Frequency Weighting (A-, B-, C-Filtering)