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TestStand error messages are confusing when inputting array values.

Status: Declined

I'm declining this due to lack of community support.

When putting values into an array of number local variable, there is little documentation specifying the correct way to input values in an array. The documentation needs to be improve and/or the error message that pops when evaluating your statement should be fixed to better demonstrate the problem. The current error states "Variable or property types do not match or are not compatible. This value will cause a run-time error." A getting started documentation that addresses variable syntax would also be helpful, these ideas will improve ease of use for people working in TestStand. The typical syntax when working with arrays is the use of a bracket [] and the error that appears when using a bracket for arrays is even less helpful. Attached is an image of an example of the fixed error that would demonstrate this problem more thoroughly (The red highlighted section would be a potential change to the errors).



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Why not automatically add the {} when the = is typed in and place the cursor between the brackets then you dont need the error message.


Ray Farmer
NI Employee (retired)

How will the expression language know what you meant?  There are many valid tokens after "Locals.Array =".  You could be assigning another variable to it, for example.

You say that the typical syntax for an array is [].  What languages support this syntax?  C/C++/C#/VB/Java all use {}.  


I agree that we could document the syntax better.

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Status changed to: Declined

I'm declining this due to lack of community support.