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Show matching Parenthesis

Status: Completed

Do you ever write an expression in TestStand with a bunch of parenthesis () and get lost halfway through trying to figure out which pairs are open and which are closed.  Well, I do.  Every Day.  And I spend accumulated hours a week just trying to keep track of which ) goes with which (.  If I'm lucky I can look for a little red item in the expression, or click on the check expression checkbox, but when I have a 'only runtime evaluatable' expression I'm out of luck (which is rather often) ).  Some languages/editors have a parenthesis matching, where the ) your cursor is on causes the matching ( to get bold or flash.  Others start coloring each pair a different color, so it's easy to see them all.  Why can't TestStand do something like this????



Jervin Justin
NI Employee (retired)

If you kudos this idea, can you please post which option you like better?


(Personally I like option 1 - show matching paranthesis only. Like Visual Studio, where they use a gray background)

Jervin Justin
NI TestStand Product Manager
Trusted Enthusiast

Actually I thought it already highlighted the matching paranthesis when you placed your cursor either on or next to a bracket.

Ray Farmer
Active Participant

Assuming that it's not in TestStand 2010, I'd prefer the matching brace highlighting. Having multiple colors could hide the error color (red by default), when the braces don't match.


The best option would be to allow the user to select one of the three options (none, match or colors) in the Expression Editing Options of the Station Options. 

NI Employee (retired)

This feature has not been implemented. If you want to see it in a future version, you'll need to kudo it here.


I'd be ok with the instellisense version or the "basic" version from Notepad++




i don't need the multiple colors persay (i won't complain if I get them!) but I totally agree that this would be ideal.

Elaine R.
Active Participant

This is the top kudo idea, it's been around for 7+ years, it's implemented in just about every other IDE out there, and it's still just sitting as "new" and not even "under consideration"? 

Can we get a few priority points added to this? 


Prefer 2nd option.

With only the selected parenthesis is highlighted.


And as Warren Scott mentioned in above comment: Why is this not yet implemented???


Parenthese matching is available in TestStand 2022. 

Note that parentheses are highlighted and turn bold to show matches. 

If you do not want your expressions to jump around a little when matching is shown, make sure that Lucida Sans Typewriter is installed on the machine. Lucida Sans Typewriter is a monospace font that will make the readability of expressions easier and stop any text movement when parentheses are highlighted. 

Active Participant

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Thank You!