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Highlight the scope of selected a conditional step

Status: New

Obviously it's not a great idea to have loads of nested conditional steps, but for longer sequences even with only a few nested conditions, I find it hard to find the matching END for example when an if-statement. Sure I can count the number of lines, but I think it would be a lot easier if the "scope line" that indicates the scope would stand out more and become bold or blue (like the selected line)


Here's are two mockups (bold line)




An alternative indication could be to highlight the ending line of the scope like below.




Having a keyboard shortcut for jumping between beginning and the ending within a scope would also be very helpful!

In Microsoft Visual Studio there's a keyboard shortcut (CTRL + [ ) which toggles the cursor position between the and and beginning of a scope, and it works with all things that encapsulates a scope or a string or expression. e.g. curly braces in code sections, quoted strings etc.

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Great Idea!

Also function like collapse/expand code structure would be nice


Bolding the scope line sounds great.

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It would also be nice if the "end" step is also deleted in the case of a deletion of a starting "if". However we need to handle "else" expressions too... So maybe only applicable on Ifs/Whiles/DoWhiles without any middle steps like "Else"...


Maybe an option in the rightclick menu. "Delete" vs "Delete step and all related flow steps".