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Feature request for sequence file editor: Expand and collapse functionality for every step type which has to have END step type.



Exactly as in subject.


I thought that it will be good if the developers could collapse blocks of code which are in between of the Flow Control or/and Synchronisation step types.


I think about the mechanism we know already from TestStand which hides block of code: i.e. Setup, Main, Cleanup section in the sequence, or it can hide variables. It is a little "+" and little"-" to expand the content of the type of variables.


Capture333.PNG  Capture444.PNG


The types of steps I think of were mainly types from Flow Control and some types from Synchronisation. It would be good if for example we could collapse If-Else-ElseIf-End, Select-End, Case-End, While-End, DoWhile-End, etc statements


I think this functionality could improve the readability of the sequence, and helps the developers to have a better view on the whole sequence.


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Duplicate:Folding Editor for Control Flow

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i still vote that these conditional blocks don't go far enough 🙂


I'm still dreaming of the day that any subsection is collapsable 🙂

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