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Re: NI Community Renovations Update

Community Team


Over the summer, we announced that our ongoing community renovations would be approached in stages. We rolled out a new site design in July and have been working on processing and addressing the user feedback that we received. Now, we're ready to announce the new timeline for the next phase -- the migration of the NI User Group Community onto the platform that currently hosts the NI Discussion Forums!


  • Starting on Friday, November 18th, user groups, blogs, and documents will be migrated from the NI User Group Community to the platform that currently hosts the NI Discussion Forums. The NI User Group Community will go offline and will no longer be available starting on November 18th.
    • All user groups will be migrated over accordingly despite our previous announcement regarding inactive user groups and blogs. We will perform a thorough audit of user groups in 2017.
    • Inactive blogs will be archived, but still searchable, as originally announced. Blog owners that may be affected received an email notification of this.
  • On Monday, November 21st, the NI Discussion Forums will be temporarily unavailable at some points throughout the day.
  • At the end of that Monday, November 21st, the platform hosting the NI Discussion Forums will additionally host the user groups, blogs, and documents previously held on the NI User Group Community.

When all of these stages are complete, we will have a single, unified NI Community!


Also, please rest assured that this does not mean that we are done improving upon the NI Community. We are constantly reviewing the feedback you provide to us and will continue to do so whether it is related to the design updates or the upcoming migration.


We will be sharing more information on the community renovations in the upcoming weeks. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Community Team

Please note the change in the timeline above. The migration will now begin on Friday, November 18th and be completed on Monday, November 21st.