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need daq driver & demo program for pci-6534

we are using the ni daq pci-6534.
but I can't find any document and programs (including driver) yet. maybe the former user has lost them.
so can you send me one copy of driver, manual & example  program for my pci-6534 .
I want use 6534 pattern I/o model to generate wave signal(16bit digital)  and still use some output pins as strobe signal as the selection of the three outside devices( each one is 16bit). That is, the 16bit output signal run in TDM(Time Division Multipoexing) model.  this three signal will be used as control signal of x,y,z scan.  have you  any idea on this application?
my ship address is :
ruirong wang
ptso lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
500 Technology Square, NE47-220
Cambridge, MA 02139
Tel.: 1-617-324-0115  Fax:  1-617-324-7554
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Go to and you'll find links to drivers and manuals. The latest driver for your board is DAQmx 8.0. There is also a traditional NI-DAQ driver for the board as well. Example programs in LabVIEW, LabWindows, etc. (you don't mention your environment) are part of the drivers.
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I have download DAQmx 8.0 and installed it.

but I can't debug the examples download from the /support web, like "PatternGen_OnBoardLooping_6534".  it said that "Cannot open include file: 'nidaqex.h''

I think the reason is maybe the include file and lib has changed. 

should I installed the old version of ni-daq or another choice is how can I use the new driver with nidaqmx.h and nidaqmx.lib.  I think if I want to use the new version of driver. I should map the data type and function to new version. so, how can I do, and do you have any new example based on the daqmx 8.0 ?

attached is the example


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Well, I can't do a lot since I only do LabVIEW.Smiley Sad. It would appear though that you downloaded examples for traditional NI-DAQ. You would need that driver if you want to run these examples. It was my understanding that the DAQmx driver included examples for C++. It certainly does for LabVIEW and LabWindows.
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Any way. thank you for your help!
I think I have only two way to resolve this problem.
one is use old version of nidaq driver.
the other way is read the nidaqmx manual to understand the the nidaqmx functions and write the program use new function. But that sounds a little difficult than former, cause the pci-653x manual still use old verion functions to demostrate the operation of card.
I looking forward to have the new version of pci-653x manual and examples based on nidaqmx. Smiley Happy
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I'd like to mention that there are a few options when installing NI-DAQmx that will automatically install ANSI C text examples.  There is a .NET and MSVC options among others.  So, if you included those, you will have some NI-DAQmx examples already installed (if not, you might want to reinstall w/ those options). 
For .NET examples:  C:\Program Files\National Instruments\MeasurementStudioVS2003\DotNET\Examples\DAQmx
For ANSI C or VB 6:  C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples
I strongly encourage you to use NI-DAQmx.  It is much easier to use, more intuitive and probably easier to get help with.
-Alan A.
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yeah. you are wright. I really want to use the NI-DAQmx .
But the problem is I can't find a pci-6534 manual based on NI-DAQmx ( I only found the version for traditonal NI-DAQ). and another reason is can't find some example for the pattern I/O operating model.
do you have any suggestion about that?
thank you
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The best documentation for you is the NI-DAQmx Help and the NI-DAQmx C Reference Help, both located at Start>>All Programs>>National Instruments>>NI-DAQ.  These help files are not specific to your device, but rather specific to programming with NI-DAQmx.  You should be able to find about everything you need there.  Combine that with the existing examples, and you should be good to go!  Moreover, if you have specific questions, you can always post them in the forums as well:)
-Alan A.
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and  I have another question is : can Pci-6534  do the following job?

1, Use this card  pattern I/o(on board memroy) Loop model to generate wave signal(16bit digital)  and still use some additional pins ( other digital bits)  as strobe signal as the selection of the three outside devices( each one is 16bit). That is, the 16bit output signal run in TDM(Time Division Multipoexing) model.  this three signal will be used as control signal of x,y,z scan. 

2, At the same time, use this card to generate a clk and reset signal  to sychronize other electronic system. 

I have attached a pictrue of Idea.

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Hi Ruirong,

It looks like you can do what you are trying to get done.
  1. You can use the first bank (or second) to generate the 16-bit data.  Then on the other port you can set it up for software-timed (Unstrobed I/O) outputs.  It looks like you'll only need 4 of the lines from the second bank for your control lines (x, y, z, and reset).  You can then set those up as needed.
  2. At the same time the clock for the pattern I/O will be sent out on the PCLK line, so you can use that for synchronization of anything else downstream.
I think that should cover you.  If you have any other questions let us know.

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