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How to generate a series digital signal(TTL level) using PCI6014

I want to get four TTL level signal which is correlate in scheduling.
The hardware in use is NI pci6104,the software is Labview7.1.
Three of the generated signal will be used to drive two chips,the other will be used to trigger a CCD(after some other process).
This is my first program that I don't know how to start this project.
It will be appreciate for anybody's help!
labview freshman
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I just noticed this post.  I know you posted a couple months ago, but I'd like to offer a few suggestions/comments anyway.  Do get started with a digital output application, I suggest going to the example finder in LabVIEW.  Go to Help>>Find Examples.  Navigate to Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx>>Digital Generation. 
I should mention that with your device, the PCI-6014, you don't have any hardware timed digital I/O lines (If you need hardware timed digital lines, consider M Series).  So all digital operations will be software timed, meaning your update rates will be system dependent and at the mercy of the OS.  Hope this helps!
-Alan A.
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