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need daq driver & demo program for pci-6534

Hi, Otis
Thank you for your help. The program is runing now!
In order to get good performance, I would like to bother you with two additional question:
1, Can I double the frequency when using external clk?
2, Can I use the Error Check mechanism in MFC ( Visual C++ 6.0) development eviroment ?
    I get a lot of error when I using the statement as following :
DAQmxErrChk (.......);   
DAQmxErrChk (.......);   
DAQmxErrChk (.......);   
DAQmxErrChk (.......);   
DAQmxErrChk (.......);   
 if( DAQmxFailed(error) ) {
  printf("DAQmx Error: %s\n",errBuff);

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Thank you! 
It is useful.
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