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Curve and AxisDefinition config window in DIAdem VIEW

In VIEW tab, when working with 2D-graphs some times it is useful to change the line width, the background color, the axis color, the line style... as in the REPORTER tab because for analyzing and studying the data before having the final data to report, the VIEW tab offers much more comfort. The Curve and Axis Definition in REPORT can replace the current 2D Axis System Display window:











This is really crucial! Thank you, Best regards, Hugo

Please consider colorblind people as well (high contrast between colors)

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Yes, I like this idea, but can you also add the capability to play a video behind a graph. Like making the video transparent.

All played within the same area. Not an area next to it, like you can at the moment. Obviously it would be good to have all the data synched together.




This would be a great future to add.  I often look at experimental data in view and would rather look at the data as point to point, but there is always a line connecting my points.  


Hi noscho,


Displaying the data as points without connecting line can be achieved by switching on markers with a color of your choice and at the same time setting the line color to none.