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VIEW Process Model errors with a popup ...



It would be nice to VIEW errors which occurs in the process Model or callbacks using a special dedicated window.


Recently, i have send updates to one of my customers, using FTP transfert.

The updates consists of processModel updates, dotNet assemblies ...

During the FTP upload by my final customer, the dotNet assemblies were marked, by windows 7, as "Bloqued" Smiley Frustrated. (For security reasons ...)

These assemblies were called in my process model.

When the final user tryed to launch his application (Operator interface), nothing occurs Smiley Mad! The dotNet assemblies calls fell in error, but without any message. I had to investigate using debugging tools to find out the problem.


It should be nice, in case of "anormal errors" in process model calls, or in callbacks (like frontend callbacks) to launch an error window to view this kind of errors.Smiley Wink


You may say, you should have test the errors and handle them correctlty ... and you're certainly right !

But i get a look to the default processModels provided with TestStand ... and they are coded as i do !!!!

So even with the 'default process model', if an internal dotNet error occurs (missing sub assemblies, no more ressources ... ) the same kind of anormal behaviour could occured !


So having the way to view process Model, or hidden callbacks errors will perhaps be interesting ! Smiley Happy


Thanks a lot.


NI Employee (retired)

If you set the station option  "On Run-Time Error:" to "Show Dialog" (which is the default) you should get such a popup. At least as long as your steps aren't set to ignore errors. In general I recommend you only ever set a step to ignore errors if errors are expected to occur in the normal execution of such steps.

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OOOOUUUUPPSSSS .... There was "ignore run time error" on my action steps !!!!! Sorry. Manu.
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Status changed to: Already Implemented