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Provide mechanism to disable batch report through "Report Options" dialog box

Status: New

The "Report Options" dialog box provides a lot of flexibilty in the way reports are generated for sequences executing under the Batch model.  A new report can be generated for each UUT, for each socket, etc.  One option that appears to be lacking, is to flat out not generate a Batch Report.  Doing a brief search, I found at two other folks who were trying to do the same thing:


Suggest adding another check box to the Report File Pathname on the Report Options dialog box to disable batch reports.

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So i was researching something similar to this and found something that might be useful. I wanted to show only the batch dialog (the default tiled view with 4+ sockets is pretty unreadable) and managed to accomplish it by setting the TypeMask for each execution in the PreUUT callback to CloseWindowWhenDone:


RunState.Execution.TypeMask= RunState.Execution.TypeMask OR 0x10

with a preconditon to only run in the batch model:



Right(RunState.Execution.ModelSequenceFilePath, Len(RunState.Execution.ModelSequenceFilePath)-(1+Find(RunState.Execution.ModelSequenceFilePath,"\\",0,False,True))) == "BatchModel.Seq"

Since I put this in PreUUT, it will close the UUT execution windows but not the batch window. Since what you want is similar (but opposite), you could set it somewhere like ProcessSetup so that all executions (including the controller) get it, and then set the TypeMask back to 0x0 in PreUUT so that each of the socket execution windows stay open.


This will not prevent it from getting generated, but at least should automatically close the window when the execution is done and prevent it from showing.


Regardless, I think this is a good idea. Kudos