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Please highlight the skipped steps ...

Hello all TestStand users,


How often i had to debug my sequences ... to find out after many minutes that some of my steps are Skipped ! Smiley Mad


It would be nice to highlight the skipped steps by default ... (Without having to customize something in TestStand) Smiley Surprised


  • By using a stroked font to view the step détail (STEP SKIPPEDSmiley Wink
  • By using a red, flashy color (STEP SKIPPED):smileyhappy:
  • Or better, both ... (STEP SKIPPED):smileyvery-happy:


Thanks for your help ...
NI Employee (retired)

Not everyone will want them highlighted the same way though. In the past others have asked for them to be dimmed (i.e. greyed). So "without customization" would likely not make everyone happy. That said, they should probably be shown in a different color by default.


See (also contain instructions for customizing to show them in a different color):

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Skipped Steps are dimmed by default due to this idea: