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Option to Append Parallel Thread Results

It'd be neat, in the scenario when a parallel thread is called, if there was some smooth way of gathering the results back into the main thread of the execution for the sake of the report. 


I've handled this historically by passing a parameter into the subsequence/thread with the ResultList-index of the parent-step, and then doing some notification based handshaking during cleanup of both threads to quickly copy the Result container out of the sub and back to the parent via API calls. But I bet the R&D types could do this far slicker and reduce the whole thing to a checkbox... 😉




When I create reports they usually look like:



I just think it'd be a simple feature to add for users who might be uncomfortable with the API  & ResultList? (Naturally if the sequence doesn't wait at the end it may never be safe to 'pass back' results. But if you're already killing time on the back stretch, why not copy the block up?





Elaine R.
NI Employee (retired)

There is already a way to do this, though perhaps it could be made more obvious or automatic. Basically, you just have to use a wait step at the location in which you want to collect the results. When you use a wait step to wait for the subsequence, TestStand attaches the asynchronous sequence's results to the wait step's result.


It might still be worth adding a checkbox setting that adds the results to the end of the result list or to the original sequence call's result if you also have the "wait at end of sequence" setting checked. Without a wait of some sort though it's unsafe to access the results of an asynchronous thread since it might still be running.



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