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New Paste Value

 You can copy the value of a selected variable to another element.



But you cannot paste the value into the selected element in an easy manner.



What you have to do is click into the selected variable’s value field and then Paste, but this doesn’t produce the correct result (for strings anyway)......




You end up with is double quotes!!!


Resultant Paste.png


Also if you had ‘Copy Value’ on multiple selected elements and pasted them then you get


multiple selection.png


So it cannot handle multiple selections.


It would have been better if you could have selected the place where you wanted to paste the value(s) and a new menu item became available ie ‘Paste Value’.




This way should also be able to handle multiple selections.


The problem with double quotes shouldn’t occur and should be corrected with the current pasting of values.


Ray Farmer
Knight of NI

Perfect for Drag-n-Drop TooSmiley LOL

Knight of NI

Copy & Paste feature in TestStand is prehistoric!!  It seriously needs improvements!