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Native support for maps or dictionaries in TestStand

Status: New

Currently, if you have LabVIEW code modules that use maps or sets you have to use something like an Action Engine to interact with the map, you cannot pass a map from LabVIEW into TestStand and vice-versa.


Maps are an incredibly useful data structure and having support for them natively in TestStand would be very helpful, not just for LabVIEW but also due to how prevalent maps (dictionaries) are used in Python as well.




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One idea for a workaround if dealing strictly with LabVIEW:  You can put the map in a class and then you just treat it as an object.  I don't think this will work if trying to pass a map/dictionary to Python or C#.


For clarification, are you asking for just the ability to pass collection datatypes around or are you also asking for being able to manipulate and query the collection?

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@crossrulz Ideally both, but I could live with just passing collections around and doing the querying/manipulation in code modules. That's my default since I prefer to operate on data in LabVIEW/Python anyways, since the tools are more powerful in those contexts.


Even with just arrays, I do as little manipulation/indexing using the TSAPI as possible, since I can do the same thing and more in a much more clean and maintainable fashion within a code module.

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