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Be abble to automatically remove unused resultLists, after onTheFly reporting, onTheFly DB writing ...



If you get memory problems, you had to tune your reports options, result collecting, load / unload modules  .... Smiley Embarassed


These tasks are very long, you have to point all memory consumers first ... It pollutes your test sequence only for memory purposes ! Smiley Frustrated


When you try to modify the result reccording, you will also have problems for your report generation ... 


It should be nice to add a new feature allowing an automatic result list removing, after onTheFly reporting, ontheFly database writing have treted them ...


A kind of "OnTheFly and remove unused results"


When ontheFly reporting, and The OnTheFly database writing are over, the treated resultList should be put in a garbage structure !

Older test results could be removed if memory is needed ... Smiley Wink


I know this could be not simple ... but this could help very much, for big sequences creation. Smiley Happy


Thanks a lot. (TestStand memory dustman !)
NI Employee (retired)

The "Discard Results or Disable Results when Not Required by Model" setting in model options sounds like what you are looking for.  Have you tried using this setting?


More info:


  • Discard Results or Disable Results When Not Required by Model—Specifies if the process model discards results after the Post Result callbacks execute when using on-the-fly report generation or database logging, or disables result collection for the execution if report generation and database logging are disabled. This option is available when you are using the Sequential, Parallel, or Batch process models.

You may also want to look at this document for info on conserving memory when logging:

Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand
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Thanks a lot AI.B, Your right, this should solve my problem. Thanks a lot ... i will try it.
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Status changed to: Already Implemented